Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Indonesian Workes Demand for better social security ( KAJS )

Indonesian workers march for better social security and against precarious work

More than 10,000 Indonesian workers marched in the streets of Jakarta demanding social security reforms and abolishment of precarious work on February 6, 2011.( KAJS BPJS )

INDONESIA: The demands for the reform of social security and the fight against precarious work reverberated from the loud speakers as thousands of workers who are members of IMF affiliate the Federasi Serikat Pekerja Metal Indonesia (FSPMI) took to the streets. This massive demonstration, which coincided the opening of the fourth FSPMI Congress, was attended by well over 10,000 workers.
Social security and the fight against precarious work are the burning issues for Indonesian labour. IMF General Secretary Jyrki Raina and Regional Representative Arunasalam.P joined the peaceful march which was well organised with adequate security from the unions own security apparatus called Metal Guard.

FSPMI President Said Iqbal, from atop a truck spoke to the workers. He said "that should the government fail to reform the social security system the Indonesian unions will call for a nationwide strike on May 1st." He chided Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for his failure to reform the social security system and control precarious employment that spreads like wild fire and burns down permanent and regular employment. The flag and poster carrying workers joined in chorus to the shouts of "Hidup Buruh and Hidup FSPMI", which means long live workers and FSPMI.

IMF General Secretary Jyrki Raina in his address at the union's congress opening assured them that the IMF will continue to support the FSPMI in their struggle for social justice, improvement in social security and fight against precarious work. Raina announced that this subject will be one of the themes for discussion at IMF's Central Committee, taking place in Jakarta in December 2011.

Dr. Ribka Tjiptaning, a popular member of parliament echoed the voice of the workers and said that should the government fail to reform the social security laws she would join the demonstration and strike on May 1st.Feb 07, 2011 – P. Arunasalam


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